Intrac Technology Customer Referral Bonus Opportunity

Intrac wants to reward you for helping us gain new business customers! Spread the word and get some spending cash! Share how Intrac can help your business partners.

We will reward you with a $50 gift card for every new business customer that purchases Intrac services. And we will reward the new customer with a $50 gift card too!

Please talk with your business associates and tell them to contact Intrac for a free IT consultation and review. We love hearing from new customers and want to reward you for helping us do that.


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*Terms and Conditions 

The following terms and conditions are effective as of 9/1/2022:


Referring individual

Any person* can refer Intrac services to a prospective customer. The referring individual, if a current Intrac customer, must have an account that is not past due in order to earn a referral reward. *Current Intrac employees, representatives, owners, or partners are excluded from receiving a referral bonus.

New prospective referral

Any new referral received cannot be an existing Intrac customer. Any new referral cannot be a past customer that was terminated for non-payment of previous services or defaulted due to bankruptcy, foreclosure or the like.

Earning a referral bonus

To earn a referral bonus, you must email the following information:

  • Prospective business referral name, address and phone number
  • Prospective contact person and phone number, if different from business phone number
  • Prospective contact person email
  • Date that you contacted prospective business. The date of your email will be the start of the referral clock

The new referral must purchase and pay for at least $300 of services (exclusive of taxes) within 120 days of Intrac receiving the referral.

Payment of referral bonus

Referral bonuses will be distributed after full payment for qualified new services has been received. Within 60 days of full payment, a bank gift card will be mailed to the referring individual and the new referral.

Additional legal information

Intrac has the right to modify, amend, terminate or suspend this program at any time without notice. Intrac is not responsible for lost or stolen bank cards. Intrac is not bound by or entering any type of partnership or legal arrangement by offering this program. Intrac is not responsible for lost or misdirected emails or communications.

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